Hi! Hej! 你好!

My friends call me Chiao (sounds like the Italian "ciao"😉). I’m based in Sweden, but originally from Taiwan.

After moving to Sweden in 2018, I ran Sweden’s pioneer zero waste shop, Gram Malmö, for almost 4 years. I truly enjoyed working for sustainability initiative, and gained immense learnings about entrepreneurship and food culture through growing this independent business.

In 2023, I decided to pursue my dream in design. It has been a wonderful journey gaining new skills and incorporating my skills from past experiences. I chose Hyper Island, for its emphasis on soft skills, and I’ve learned so much in teambuilding. During this period, I also got to know myself better. As a designer, I’m described as an organized and kind leader, great at constructing workflow, communicating and giving constructive feedback.

When I’m not working on Figma, I’m usually reading books, writing, cuddling with my two cats Shiro and Gogo, training Thai boxing, cooking or baking matcha cookies.